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attic insulation & venting

Improve Your Home’s Attic Insulation & Ventilation to save year-round. 

In any property, the attic plays a significant part in the energy efficiency of homes. At On Point, our experts will check the level and quality of your attic insulation and fix any issues to make sure your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work overtime. This will help you avoid any rise in your
energy bills.

With proper attic insulation and venting, your home could feel more comfortable. Hiring our trusted attic insulation
expert can solve all of the attic-related problems. Our knowledgeable technicians can provide your home with the best
quality attic insulation so that you can stay comfortable year-round.

Understanding Attic Insulation

Heat naturally escapes to cooler temperatures. In winters; warm air tends to migrate outdoors. However, in the summer
season, heat from outdoors moves inside your home. By having a properly insulated attic, you can reduce this heat
transfer, give your HVAC system a break and save both energy and money.

What is Attic Ventilation?

Attic ventilation is as important as attic insulation. Good ventilation helps reduce heat transfer and also makes sure
no moisture, mold or poor-quality air builds up in your home.

To find out how attic ventilation can keep your home in good condition, saving you money on heating and cooling at the same time, get in touch with the attic insulation and venting experts at On Point Contracting Inc. We have been
operating in Cypress, Texas for many years and can be contacted at (832) 862-1333

Why Is Attic Insulation Installation So Important?

Many people believe the attic is only for keeping your old stuff or last year’s holiday decorations. However, in reality, the attic is way more important, it is a barrier between your home and the heat, humidity and cold elements
that are outdoors.

Here are a few reasons why the attic insulation experts at On Point Contracting encourage all homeowners to insulate their attics:

Our Attic Insulation and Ventilation process is quick, easy and reliable. Before starting the job, we do a proper inspection which allows homeowners to make informed decisions about their home insulation and ventilation needs.