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Upgrading your outdoor lighting can be a huge upgrade to your home’s exterior. From providing extra safety, and making your property look even better, On Point has the best outdoor lighting solutions for you!

Outdoor lighting gives a whole new dimension to your outdoor setting. However, with a huge array of options available, it gets difficult to know where to begin. This is where On Point comes in. We can help you on how to go about choosing the right outdoor lighting that will suit your needs and budget. Our team of professional experts can help manage your outdoor lighting project from start to finish. Contact us today at (832) 862-1333 to see how we can help with your outdoor lighting installation needs.  
Choosing the right outdoor lighting can bring life to your space and can increase the value of your property. Our experts will ensure all your outdoor lights are weather-protected at all times. Before starting the job, we discuss how you would like your lights to be positioned and will guide you so you get the most out of your lighting installations. We understand that every property is unique; this is why we discuss what you would like to achieve.

Professional Maintenance

Our team of dedicated outdoor lighting technicians can regularly inspect and repair your residential or commercial outdoor lighting. Professional maintenance can help extend the life of your outdoor lighting systems, prevent any mishaps, and preserve their brightness.

Services, suitable for both residential and business clients

On Point Contracting Inc. serves both domestic and business clients. Regardless of the type of property you own, we can provide you with excellent outdoor light installation solutions to improve the beauty and security of your place. Our certified electricians have already done numerous electrical installation repair and maintenance projects with stellar results.

Why Choose Us for Outdoor Lighting Services?

  • Our technicians will perfectly install outdoor lighting for you that will provide you with the most effective lighting. We also make sure the lights fit seamlessly into your current landscape.
  • Our team is composed of skilled professionals who are highly qualified and have the experience and expertise needed for installing, maintaining and repairing outdoor lighting.
  • We will help you understand your ideas and advise you on the correct lighting solutions that will be effective at providing you with the desired outdoor lighting effects.


Our experienced and talented outdoor lighting technicians are always available! We provide top-notch outdoor lighting service and it all starts with one 1 call! Call us now to experience the On Point difference!