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Having problems with your garbage disposal? Is it time for a replacement or upgrade? The plumbers at On Point have your back! Call now to book your next appointment, its that easy! 

why garbage disposals need to be maintained

Due to garbage disposals being utilized often, they tend to break down or have problems. From items getting lodged or stuck, to simply breaking down due to age, On Point can help your kitchen get running back on track again with just one call.  

What if Your Garbage Disposal Unit is Not Working Properly?

If your garbage disposal unit is not working properly, the best solution would be to contact the professionals at On Point. We have years of experience installing and repairing garbage disposals at homes and residences. You can also try to trouble shoot the issue and try to get it to work by following little hacks. However, that is not advised as it can damage the garbage disposal system. The best solution would be to call On Point and get your garbage disposal repaired quickly!

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Contacting the plumbing experts at On Point Contracting Inc. is quick and easy. Simply call us at (832) 862-1333 or visit us online at to discuss how we can be of assistance. Based out of Cypress Texas and servicing the whole Houston area, whenever you have any plumbing issues, we’re one call away!