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Meet your electrical needs, upgrade home wiring, add new fixtures and more. Without going over budget.

Looking for a professional electrician in Houston for residential work? On Point Contracting is your one-stop shop for all kinds of electrical work, upgrades, repairs, maintenance and installation.

Our professional, qualified electrical services in Houston include high-quality materials, meticulous wiring, and meet all safety standards.

Call us at (832) 966-7000 for a consultation, quote, or to ask about your residential electrical project.

Reliable and Professional Service

At On Point Contracting, you never have to deal with shoddy electrical work, non-compliant safety and fire hazards, and a job half-done. All of our electricians in Houston are vetted and have years of experience in the industry performing both commercial and residential electrical work.

We pride ourselves on our responsible, professional demeanor: we listen to your needs, understand the scope of the project, perform a thorough inspection, and make assessments of the work to be done.

And, you can rely on us for suggestions and advice to make your project even better, more optimized, and safer.

Safety Is Our #1 Priority

Electricity is powerful, dangerous, and must be treated with respect to avoid serious personal injury or fatality. That’s why strict regulations and codes exist on electrical wiring, maintenance and repair. Rest assured, On Point Contracting maintains stringent electrical safety. When you hire our electrical contractors in Texas, they use high-quality insulation materials, make sturdy connections, and use correctly-rated fixtures for outdoor use, among many other examples. We also emphasize education: if we install a new or upgraded appliance, we let you know about how to use it while staying safe and protected. Our customers are thoroughly satisfied with our protocols, and you will be too!

Our Services

  • New Construction
    Make sure your dream home has a reliable, well-designed electrical system. We work on all residential properties and can help spec out electrical wiring for a new construction.
  • Electrical Upgrades
    Upgrade aging appliances, old wiring and hazardous, worn-out fixtures with our worry-free electrical upgrade service.
  • Electrical Repair
    Bring broken or non-working appliances up to spec with our Houston electrical repair service.
  • Wiring Safety Inspections
    Make sure your old wiring is completely compliant with state and local regulations, for the comfort and protection of your family.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Wiring
    We can install new wiring for indoor and outdoor spaces as needed.
  • Sockets, Switches and Fixtures
    Replace old interfaces with brand-new, state-of-the-art sockets, fixtures and switches.
  • Special Projects
    Need a complete solution for an outdoor living space, kitchen or home theater room? We can handle it!

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