Drain Jetting


Blast those pipes clean of gunk, grime and buildup while keeping your plumbing in good shape with our professional drain jetting service.

Some drain clogs are just too hard to remove the old fashioned way. But where a drain snake won’t do, choose On Point Contracting for a professional drain jetting job. We use a high-pressure jet of water to completely eliminate blockages in clogged drains, letting your pipes breathe a sigh of relief!

You can depend on us for a high quality, cost-effective and environmentally-responsible drain jetting service in Houston, TX. We can effectively clear almost any part of your plumbing system without invasive or costly methods.

What Makes Our Drain Jetting Different?

Safety, Care and Attention To Detail

It is important that high-pressure jetting be done by experienced professionals to avoid damaging your plumbing and compromising its integrity. We are equipped with the right tools, safety equipment, and knowledge to clear your drains and fix your problems, not add to them.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

We use the latest and greatest hydro-jetting equipment in the plumbing business. This lets us do the job properly, making things good as new so you can forget worrying about your plumbing.

Unbeatable Cost-Effectiveness

Our affordable professional drain jetting service is just that… affordable! It costs less than other, more invasive methods, doesn’t involve pouring abrasive chemicals down the drain, and reduces the need for future plumbing repairs.

Better For The Environment

While many market brands of drain cleaning solutions claim to be effective, nothing beats the power of a high-pressure stream of water. When it comes to eliminating heavy masses of buildup that almost seem to have frozen solid, Our drain jetting in Houston is not just more effective, it’s also more environmentally-friendly. The process is safe, uses no caustic or abrasive chemicals and does not create any excess or unnecessary waste for your plumbing system to handle.

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