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Minimize downtime while solving problems with our hassle-free plumbing services at fair prices.

Having plumbing malfunction at your business can be a nightmare, from degrading the quality of your customer experience to causing serious problems for employees, staff, and even causing business to come to a standstill. Dealing with landlords and property managers can become a frustrating affair, with no solutions in sight.

On Point Contracting offers commercial plumbing services in Houston, TX and nearby areas, helping you take care of business with a team of skilled professionals that provide outstanding service every time.

We don’t just fix the symptoms of your malfunctioning plumbing: we take steps to assess the situation, find the cause, and work on it with full transparency. And, we do this while minimizing downtime to your business!

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Why Choose On Point Contracting?

Step 1: Evaluation & Planning

We don’t just come out and have a quick glance at your plumbing issue. Our team evaluates your plumbing system from top to bottom to make sure we don’t miss anything. This way, we’ll be able to tell you exactly what’s going on, letting you see the bigger picture so you can plan and make important decisions on what to repair – saving your business time and money in the long run.

Step 2: Low-Downtime Service Appointment

Before we begin work, we discuss the scope of work with you and talk about ways to finish your repairs fast, minimizing downtime for your business. You won’t have to compromise by shutting your business down or routing customers away as we work.

Step 3: Testing & Checking

When we’re done, we check everything to make sure it works correctly – whether it’s a new installation, a replacement, a repair or an upgrade. If we change anything, we make sure you understand exactly how it works. We don’t leave until you’re satisfied with our service!

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Our Commercial Plumbing Services in Houston, TX

We serve businesses in Cypress, TX as well as neighboring areas with our comprehensive plumbing services. Our technicians can work on:

Don’t see the service you want? We work on a wide variety of commercial and construction plumbing projects, and our expert technicians specialize in many more areas. Call us at (832) 966- 7000 to discuss your plumbing issues with us.

On Point Contracting is Houston’s Choice For Plumbing Services

Don’t worry about a thing when you call us to take care of your home or business’ plumbing needs. We’re committed to treating our customers like family, with professional, friendly service and streamlined, effective plumbing solutions.

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