Preventative Electrical Systems Maintenance

Our licensed Electrician will conduct an in-depth, visual inspection of your home’s electrical systems.

Everything Included in the On Point VIP Electrical Maintenance Program:

Main Electrical Distribution: The “Heart” of your Electrical System

  • Main Panel Boards: We examine the Main Electrical Panel/Load Center to ensure that wire connections are securely attached to the break and buss bar. Over time, the screws connecting the wire to the breakers may loosen. We also utilize thermal imaging to detect any overheating issues on the breakers and connections. (Does not include the main overcurrent device).
  • Surge Protection Assessment: Inadequate surge protection not only puts your electronics at risk but also your HVAC systems, appliances, and other devices connected to your electrical system.
  • Grounding Verification: Insufficient grounding can cause excess electricity to flow back into the home, potentially damaging appliances and creating electrical hazards.
  • Electrical System Wiring: The Lifelines of Power

  • Look out for Backstabbed Connections: Outlets that have been backstabbed may become loose over time and lead to overheating at the back of the outlet, posing an electrical danger.
  • Inspecting Receptacles: We examine 1-2 outlets per circuit to ensure they are not wired incorrectly, have proper grounding, and are tamper-resistant.
  • Search for Open Splices in the Attic: Exposed splices in the attic can become loose, potentially causing electric shocks or other hazardous situations.
  • Safety Testing: Yearly Health Examination

  • Check the voltage of your AC, furnace, and hot water heater to ensure they are operating at the correct level. Incorrect voltage can reduce the lifespan of your appliances or cause them to malfunction.
  • Inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are properly connected and working.
  • Test GFCI outlets to ensure they are functioning correctly, as they are required near water sources. Over time, GFCIs can wear out and may not trip as quickly, so they may need to be replaced if they are not within acceptable ranges.
  • Check ARC Fault Breakers for proper function and safety.
  • Inspect and test GFCI breakers to ensure they are working properly and keeping you safe.
  • Twice-yearly maintenance check-ups for your HVAC system

    Conducted by our skilled and certified technicians to ensure the safety and efficiency of your equipment.

    Everything Included in On Point’s VIP’s HVAC Maintenance:

    Annual inspection of your air conditioning system during the spring/summer months involves several important steps to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency. (Value: $129 Value /per system & tune up)
    • First, the inside cooling coil needs to be checked for any build-up, as this can reduce the system’s ability to cool effectively, leading to longer running times, increased energy consumption, and higher cooling costs.
    • The primary and secondary drains also need to be inspected to prevent clogs that can increase humidity levels and cause damage to ceilings.
    • The outdoor condenser coil must be checked for cleanliness, as foreign material can reduce cooling capacity by 50% or more, leading to higher cooling costs and a shorter lifespan for your air conditioner.
    • Proper operating pressures for the refrigerant charge need to be monitored to prevent damage to the compressor and avoid high electric bills due to inefficient operation.
    • Blower components should be adjusted for adequate airflow and maximum cooling performance, while the AC cycle needs to be monitored to ensure proper functioning.
    • Voltage and amp draw on all motors must be monitored to ensure they are operating at standard levels, and loose electrical connections should be checked and tightened to prevent failures.
    • The thermostat should be checked for proper operation to maintain even temperature control, and the air filter needs to be examined for debris or dust accumulation.

    Inspect Furnace Annually for Fall/Winter Season (Value: $129 Value /per system & tune up)

    • Adjust Blower Components for Proper Airflow Test and Check Safety Controls for Home Protection Monitor Furnace Cycle for Efficiency
    • Check Safety Controls for Home Protection
    • Monitor Furnace Cycle for Efficiency
    • Adjust Gas Pressure for Safe and Efficient Operation
    • Look for Cracks in Heat Exchanger
    • Monitor Flue Draft for Safe Operation
    • Adjust Heat Anticipator for Cost Efficiency & Comfort
    • Check & Adjust Ignition Operation Reliability
    • Adjust Air Flow for Comfort (if needed)
    • Tighten Loose Electrical Connections to Prevent Failure
    • Monitor Voltage and Amp.
    • Monitor Voltage & Amp. Draw on all Motors
    • Ensure even temperature control throughout home.
    • Inspect for Microbial Growth around Ducts
    • Check for Carbon Monoxide Gas
    • Ensure Clear Air Filtration for Efficiency
    • Check for Gas Leaks at Furnace for Safety

    Preventative Plumbing Maintenance

    Our certified & licensed plumbers will perform a thorough assessment of your household plumbing system, searching for any potential issues, safety concerns, or ways to enhance the overall quality of your plumbing.

    Everything Included in On Point’s VIP’s Plumbing Maintenance:

    • Water Heater Inspection (Value $180): We thoroughly inspect all water heaters for safety, leaks, and corrosion, including checking connections, shut off valve, vent piping, T&P valve, flush, anode rod, and more. If a drain valve is present, the water heater will be drained, flushed, and the anode rod checked. If a brass boiler drain is present and suitable, your water heater will be drained and flushed and your water heater’s anode rod will be removed and checked (if possible).
    • Tankless Water Heater Inspection with Descale Service ((VIP Member Benefit 50% On Descaling Services $260 Value Per Unit):): VIP Members receive a visual inspection of their unit during the maintenance visit, including checking for error codes and professional descaling service.
    • Unlimited Drain Cleaning ($350/avg value per service): VIP Members can request drain cleaning service any day of the week. and conditions.docx
    • Kitchen Inspection: We check garbage disposal, dishwasher, sink, faucets, and drains.
    • Bathroom Inspection: We inspect sinks, faucets, shut offs, toilet functionality, tub/shower connections, drains, and shower heads.
    • Toilets: We test all toilets for leaks and functionality.
    • Faucets: All faucets are tested for performance.
    • Exposed Water Lines: We check exposed water lines for damage.
    • Piping: We inspect piping under bathroom and kitchen sinks for potential water damage.
    • Drains: We check all your drains for leaks and clogs.
    • Washing Machine: Hoses and valves on washing machines are thoroughly checked.
    • Assessing Problem Areas: If you have any plumbing concerns, such as hot water issues or leaks, our technician can assess and recommend solutions.