How To Wire A 2 and 3 Prong Plug With Ease

How To Wire A 2 and 3 Prong Plug With Ease

DIYs these days are in full swing because of two advantages. Firstly, it helps people manage everyday household troubles themselves; secondly, it saves heaps of money. One of the most common trouble is electrical routes and consequent appliance damage. This blog will discuss how to wire a plug with ease and safety.

However, no matter how safe it may seem, we recommend involving an electrical contractor for this service since electricity is hazardous, which may result in fatality. If you are searching for a competent and reliable contractor for your project, why don’t you give On Point Contracting a call for help?

How to Safely Wire a Plug

Wiring plug connections is pretty easy; however, connecting the hot and neutral wires with the proper prongs is crucial. Miswired plugs pose a severe shock risk that may lead to a fire.

There are two types of plugs to work with:

  1. 2 prongs
  2. 3 prongs

How to Wire a 2 Prong Plug

You will need the following items:

  • A 2 prong plug
  • Wire strippers
  • A screwdriver
  • Utility knife

Step 1

Always disconnect the plug from the outlet before starting to wire it.

Step 2

Cut the old plug from the power cord with a utility knife. If you do not have one, wire strippers can do the job too. You can strip the wire easily with the help of a needle nose plier, grab and twist the cord and lay it between the wire stripper to split it.

Step 3

Time to wire the 2 prong plug. The cord side, which has ridges, goes with the broader prong, whereas the smooth area towards the narrow one. A silver screw is used for the former, while gold is best for the latter prong.

Step 4

Once done, close the cover, tighten its screw, and you’re done!

Wiring a 3 Prong Plug

The items needed and the first two steps for wiring a 3-prong electrical plug are the same as that of a 2-prong plug.

Step 1

Remove the wire or your plug from the power outlet.

Step 2

Cut the old plug from the power cord with a utility knife.

Step 3

Remove insulation from the power cord in this step. Carefully cut, do not go too deep to avoid a short circuit.

Step 4

Strip the wires apart to insert them in the plug, which has a strip gauge to guide how much insulation should be removed.

Step 5

The insulation is removed easily with the help of wire strippers; twist and pull.

Step 6

It is time for wiring. The plug has 3 kinds of screws; silver, green, and gold. While the power cord has white, green, and black wire. The white wire goes with silver, green and green together, whereas black wire connects with a gold screw.

Step 7

Secure them together, and voila! You have your plug ready.


Wiring a plug is pretty easy, and you can do it without assistance at home. We hope that this information will help you in the future. Still, we urge you to connect with a professional from On Point Contracting for your needs. Playing with electricity is no joke, as the results can be fatal.