5 Issues With Commercial Plumbing

5 Issues With Commercial Plumbing

You may think that commercial plumbing is precisely the same point-to-point except done on a large scale. If so, you are partially correct. They have their set of similarities and differences.

Commercial areas do not only include offices or shopping malls; but also encompass large-scale residential setups such as restaurants, hotels as well as apartments also come under commercial property.

If any sort of plumbing trouble is detected in 1 unit of the apartment building, it is possible that other apartments will be affected as well.

In this blog, we have enlisted the top 5 commercial plumbing issues. Read to know more:

Fixtures that are broken

There is not much care taken when it comes to commercial properties. They often tend to opt for an old design and mechanism toilet fixtures that still have toilet handles.

Commercial places are in use by a multitude of people, which makes them break easily due to constant use such as toilets of shopping malls and office buildings. Nobody likes using a toilet that does not flush, right?

Clogged Toilets and Improper Drainage

You may think that unclogging a commercial toilet is as easy as working on a residential one; you are not right. Quick solutions do not really work or take a long time to work in a commercial setup.

It is seen that individuals take a lot better care and give attention to their self-bought properties vs public places, which is the main reason why commercial properties have issues more often with clogged drains and toilets because people flush items that shouldn’t be flushed.

Running Toilet

There is no exception to it; the toilets should never continuously fill the water tank. Whereas it shouldn’t happen that your toilet flushes at random intervals. So keep the DIY guide tips aside and ask for a licensed professional plumber to help to resolve your issue instead of using unreliable DIY methods.

Faucet Leak

You may feel that a tiny leaky faucet is not a big issue; however, as time passes, each drop of water adds up.

And you end up paying hundreds of dollars on your utility bill that could have been saved. This happens for one faucet but think about a whole commercial building, with a few sinks throughout the building. Call the expert team and protect your property from damage by leaky fixtures and pipes.

Fault In Shut-off Valve

This valve is not used daily in your commercial property; however, it is essential to ensure that it is functioning appropriately. It is an integral part of plumbing safety that must not be taken lightly.


Commercial plumbing is different than regular small-scale ones. Contact the team of experts from On Point Contracting; we have the solution to your needs. Call us for an appointment at 936 283 8694.