Smelly Water From Heater? Here’s What You Should Do

Smelly Water From Heater? Here’s What You Should Do

Change in the water odor is one of the most common complications of using a water heater. If it malfunctions, the hot water it gives smells like rotten eggs. The reason behind this is a gas, namely hydrogen sulfide. The water which runs out of faucets and fixtures gives off a pungent smell and also discolors it successfully.

How Sulfur Gas Makes Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Naturally, the water supplies contain sulfate in them in the form of ions. This chemical component is not a health hazard at standard levels and goes undetectable during routine checking. But, in instances where sulfur ions react with hydrogen gas, its form changes, which is why the hot water smells like rotten eggs. There are 2 main reasons for this complication:

Corrosion of Anode Rod – Aluminum or Magnesium

An anode rod is present in the water heaters to protect the entire system. How does it do it? This rod draws corrosive minerals on itself rather than let it maneuver around. Therefore, It itself corrodes away, letting the tank remain as good as new.

Usually, aluminum or magnesium rods are available for this purpose. When these metals corrode, the ions react with sulfate in water that, either hot or not, smells pungent, giving rotten eggs whiff.

Increased Sulfur-Reducing Bacteria In Water

These kinds of bacteria feed off the sulfates, which gradually reduces them into the gas – hydrogen sulfide. If your water supply has an increased quantity of SRB, there will be more gas; that is why your hot water pouring smells like rotten eggs.

Most of the time, water treatment processes get rid of most amounts of SRBs with chlorine or any other disinfectant. However, the volume coming from the wells is untreated and will contain a high number.

How to Get Rid Of Hot Water That Smells Like Rotten Eggs?

You will mostly find SRBs in low-oxygen areas such as heaters, deep wells, tanks, or plumbing networks. These kinds of bacteria gain their energy via sulfur that gives off pungent gas whiffs, making your hot water smell like rotten eggs.

Fix Number 1: Concentrated Chlorine Treatment

This solution is a temporary version working best in the short term. A pre-determined chlorine quantity is added to your circulatory water system in this treatment. Once the chlorine spreads, the water let through taps and ran out.

It is best not to use this water during the circulation time or at least 24 hours from the treatment. The supply cut is one of the reasons why this method is inconvenient and temporary.

Fix Number 2: Replace Magnesium Anode with Alum Anode

This step is a lot more convenient as you can easily change the magnesium anode with aluminum. The interchange helps water not react with it, thus rendering it smell-free. An added advantage of using aluminum is that it is low-priced and lasts long.


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