Where do I Find MY Sewer Line Clean Out?

Where do I Find MY Sewer Line Clean Out?

A sewer line cleanout is an essential part of your home’s plumbing and waste disposal system. It is necessary to know where the sewer line cleanout is present.

As far as renters are concerned, their landlords should ensure that the people living to know about it. A sewer line cleanout is also called a drain cleanout. It is a direct linking point to the main sewer line which is present either inside or outside your house.

Know that the cleanout is necessary since it gives plumbers, or other technicians reach sewer clogs for easy repairs without digging up lines.

In case you are curious to know where they are and what they do, read this blog post. This information may come in handy in case of an emergency sewer line clean-out.

What is a Sewer Line Cleanout?

The drain clean-out is a pipe that has a cap providing an opening to the sewer line to remove the block. The lateral line is the drain line connecting your house with the main public sewer system. Most of the time, the sewer clean-out is present somewhere along the lateral sewer line.

Does Every Home Has a Sewer Clean Out?

It is a fact that every house usually has one. However, in some unfortunate cases, the houses are not made that way.

How do I Find a Sewer Cleanout?

Getting to the main sewer cleanout is not that easy and may take time. It is found in homes depending on the building and the house style along with the climate where you live.

Some people have 2 pipes going upward while others have one.

The Roof Vent

The roof vent is also known sewer vent. This lets the gas coming from the sewer lines escape with safety from the house. This helps keep the odor out, and you don’t have to smell what is coming out of your drains and toilets.

The sewer line is very easily accessed through the vent; however, a camera or hydro-jetting cleaner through the pipes can be difficult.

The Toilet

If you feel that the roof clean-out is too tricky, and there is no cleanout, the plumbers will most definitely remove the toilet from your bathroom. This is done to reach the drain pipe and fit a sewer line cleaner or even a camera from there. But do not worry, the toilet will be put back in place after they are done.

What To Do If One Does Not Have a Sewer Clean Out?

It is pretty rare, but you may have a home without one, and your plumbing system is cast iron. If you indeed have this case, do not get a sewer cleanout on your system.


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